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Hey Teamsugar members, I started this group to those who are trying really hard to lose weight. Good job ladies! I am young, and the typical thing to say is, "I'm FAT." Well I think I am but my friends say I'm not. Sometimes I'm proud of myself of how I look and I want to help those people who want to LOSE weight.

Emotions Don't Control Your Eating

Posted By pinkroxmysox82 on Jun 18, 2008 at 10:22PM

When you are depressed like in TV Shows, you may pig out. If you are mad or sad you probably will eat. If you are bored, your going to roam over to the kitchen fridge and look for a carbby snack. Keep control of your emotions so that you aren't tempted to eat and start to stop your diet, get fatter snd lose friends because of emotion and the actions you take because of those emotions.

// Group Members